Significance of Robust Data Security Framework in BPO Firms


It is no surprise that enterprises share crucial, sensitive, and highly confidential business data with their outsourcing partners.  These business data include the details of every employee, customer and client, as well as the specifications of all the mission-critical functions that organizations are laden with.  Hence, it is so obvious that they expect their outsourcing partners to be highly careful about the security of these data.  Businesses expect that BPO firms and other outside companies they collaborate with would ensure highly secure working environment, where they can keep or store their sensitive business data.  Herein, it becomes quite important for BPO companies to have a robust data security framework.

Robust data security framework in reliable BPO outsourcing companies will not only help them save data from unethical activities, but would also ensure strategic relationships with all the valuable clients.  However, it has been observed that some BPO companies do not take this issue seriously, and they are yet to take some strategic actions that can help them keep business data safe and secure.  The data security framework in plenty of BPO firms worldwide are not adept, and therefore, in recent years, various BPO organizations have fallen prey to thieves and cybercriminals.  These contact centers or BPO firms must understand they need to protect sensitive business data from external as well as internal threats.  Various data thefts and data leaks instances worldwide have been accomplished by in-house staff, and therefore, it becomes quite imperative for BPO firms to ensure that their work-culture transparent and healthy.  You need to ensure that no unauthorized person should ever be allowed access to sensitive business data provided by clients in order to maintain robust data security.

To protect data from external threats, BPO firms need to take some strategic actions.  First of all, it must be ensured that computer systems are protected by potent software that can restrict the entry of any sort of viruses or other programmed codes.  As plenty of cybercriminals use these programmed codes to seek access to remote computer systems, potent antivirus software can help you immensely in this regard.  Besides this, trained IT professionals in BPO outsourcing companies must also keep track of all the activities that are performed on every computer systems employed in outsourced functions.  This will help them identify all sorts of unethical and unsocial activities that in-house agents might perform.  This will not only help BPO firms in maintain top-tier security of business data, but also help them establish value-centric work culture.  All these will certainly help BPO firms in ensuring robust data security framework.

In short, it is very important for BPO firms to ensure robust data security framework to protect crucial, sensitive, and highly confidential business data from all sorts of damages.

The Festival of Lights in Delhi


Diwali is, undoubtedly, the biggest festival of the country. The festival of lights, as it is fondly called is the time to be with family and enjoy. There are lamps, lights, sweets, friends, family and flowers. The decorations done with flowers are the main attraction of the house. Diwali is the best when you celebrate it with loved ones.

In the capital city too, Diwali is celebrated with much grandeur. There are various functions and events organised on the special day. In fact, the festive mode is on for an entire week. Diwali in Delhi is a very enjoyable time. Be a part of one of these events and have a gala time –

Silver Oaks Diwali Mela

When – Sun, 23 Oct 2016

Time – 4:00PM

Organised by – Happiness Always

Where – HappinessAlways, Gurgaon

This is the third edition of the popular Silver Oaks Grand Diwali Festive Bazaar. It is organised in association with Happiness Always. The mela is a very colourfulevent which consists of food, Diwali goods, home decor, sweets, chocolates, curios, designer wear, kid’s toys and much more. This year you can also enjoy exciting cultural shows, folk dances, and there is a special kid’s zone and a food court for the young ones to have an equally good time. For more details, contact – Surabhi 9899286000 or Neetu 9811808599.

Diwali MEGA Exhibition 2016

When – Wed, 26 Oct 2016

Time – 10:00AM

Organised by – HK Communication Pvt Ltd

This is a large Diwali Exhibition that will take place in the Delhi Haat located in Pitam Pura North Delhi. The Diwali exhibition is full of fun games, exciting prizes, good food, sweets, house hold stuff, clothing, flowers and what not. All that you need for the festive season, you will get it here. Food, entertainment and shopping will all be provided under one roof. Where else can you get such a chance?

Phoolonki Diwali

When – Sat, 29 Oct 2016

Time – 10:30AM

Where – Craft Village, Delhi

Celebrate this Diwali with a change. If you are an eco-friendly person and want to do your bit to save the earth, it is not enough if you do not burn crackers. You must also change your gifting habits. Instead of giving sweets as Diwali gift, this year give a plant as a gift for your loved ones. Here is your chance to learn easy, yet creative ways to wrap up a potted plant or flowers to present to your guests. The workshop is fun and creative, and will teach you how to use various fabrics and papers to make personalized pots for gifting. All the lessons are given with full directions. The fee for the workshop is Rs.2000/- and this includes Pot or planter, Gift wrapping fabrics and papers, greeting cards and message cards, Name tags and decorative tags, ribbons, laces etc.

The lights of Diwali not only illuminate your homes, but your hearts too. It fills the heart with joy and spreads happiness. Celebrate such a meaningful festival with your family and friends. After the puja, go out to one of these events and have a blast!

Know About Different Forms of Water and Also About Regular Water Supply

water supply


We all know that the forms which water adopts in the atmosphere are extremely diverse, with gas, liquid and ice phases all common. While we may be accustomed to thinking of clouds as accumulations of gas, many of the most spectacular clouds comprise billions of ice shards. Of course, moisture leaves the atmosphere in all three physical forms, too. We are all familiar with rain, hail and snow, but what about water vapour? In many parts of the world, night-time cooling leads to the condensation of water vapour on solid surfaces as morning dew. Sublimation is the term used to describe the direct transformation of a gas to a solid. This is what happens when a ground frost forms. In most places I have ever been, frost is finely disseminated on plants and solid surfaces, like frozen dew. However, in some cold arid zones, such as the Andean Altiplano, atmospheric moisture sublimates directly into large sheets of ice, with no general frost round about. By late morning the sheets of ice evaporate again, leaving not so much as a damp patch on the parched soil.


In many places, though, accumulations of dew, or melting of frost, do contribute to soil moisture. The effect is similar to that of drizzle. This ‘hidden’ transfer of moisture from the atmosphere to the ground surface is formally called ‘occult precipitation’, though there’s nothing sinister about it. In the coastal deserts of Peru, where rain seldom falls but sea fogs are common, simple fog collecting devices (basically, mosquito nets stretched between poles above collection gutters) can collect enough water from the air each day to sustain entire communities.

‘… Nor any drop to drink…’: oceans and ice sheets

As Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner lamented, most of the water on our planet is far too salty to be potable. The saltiness of the oceans arises because evaporation leaves dissolved substances behind, so that the dissolved load of the oceans gradually increases over time. At various junctures in the history of the Earth this has led to the sea water becoming so salty that it begins to dry up altogether, leaving thick deposits of salt behind. The most extreme example of the genre was the so-called Messinian Crisis, some 6 million years ago, when the entire Mediterranean Sea dried up to form the largest saline basin in the history of the planet.

At present, the oceans contain almost one and a half billion cubic kilometres of water: the current best estimate is between 1.35 and 1.4 × 109 km3. This is about 97 per cent of all the water circulating on Earth. The remaining 3 per cent is the total amount of fresh water, of which around two-thirds is currently locked up in continental ice sheets – the bulk of this in Antarctica, with most of the rest in Greenland.

In case, you are feeling lost over this abundance of information, there is no need to panic. The water supply to your home is safe and sound with the companies like Thames Water working in London. If you still happen to find any leak in your home, feel free to call their dedicated team at Thames Water Contact Number and they will send a representative to get this issue fixed fro you.

Which Bags Suit Best For Air Travel?


People may have used different kinds of bags that may vary in their sizes, colours and patterns but then to make your air travel easy and convenient, there are simple things that you certainly need to keep in mind. Discussed below are some of the tricks that you can use to make your air travel hassle free.

Bag features that extend from the bag (wheels, handles, zipper pulls) are not covered. As a seasoned traveller told me, “don’t buy a bag with parts that stick out”. It is too easy to catch them on equipment or other bags or surfaces in the cargo hold. Luggage repair shops fix many types of damage. Bags are subjected to the elements during the loading process so unless your plane lets you out in a hangar, do not be surprised if your bag gets wet during a storm. Pack dry clean only items or important papers in a plastic bag. Easily damaged items such as electronic devices (cameras, computers, etc.) are not covered and should not be checked.

Damage due to over packing is not covered and is usually obvious. I have seen countless zippers broken, the carousel littered with personal items belonging to travellers who must add, “This one last thing and this one and that one”. Bulging pockets, like ‘parts that stick out’, may rip off when snagged. This behaviour confirms my theory that man evolved from kangaroos. We will purchase any item with a pocket or compartment and proceed to fill it beyond capacity.

Remove detachable parts, like shoulder straps, and stow them inside. Damage to detachable parts is not covered and the long strap is easy to snag and tear.

Airline workers are not the only people who torture bags many roll aboard bags are ruined by their owners through careless treatment. Unless you have an upscale bag with wheels cantered in the middle of the bag floor, do not use the expansion zipper to store more than your itinerary, a map, or a magazine. Most bags are designed to bear weight evenly on wheels at the back of the bag with the expansion zipper closed and the front pockets flat.

When you pack the bag so full that you must do the equivalent of loosening its belt at a buffet by stuffing the outer pockets to maximum capacity, you throw off the centre of balance and your bag will tip over. That is rough on the front of the bag and can snag them on any other adjacent bags or other objects or on the ground where they pick up stains.

Another habit to avoid is lifting the bag by the telescoping handle. The metal rods that disappear into the bag are flimsy aluminium in budget bags and bend easily. If they bend just a little too much, they will not slide into the channels inside the bag and the handle will permanently stick out or not pull out at all and then you must buy a new bag.

One item no bag should leave the ticket counter without is an identity tag. Do not rely on the bag tag attached at the ticket for routing. The glue is prone to melt in the heat of the cargo hold during summer months and dissolve when wet.

A tag off is a bag with amnesia, unable to find its way to the traveller who packed it with necessary belongings. We open the outer pocket in search of an itinerary or other papers bearing the passenger’s name. If none is found, we dig further in the hope of finding medication or paperwork or other items bearing a name.

Occasionally passengers arriving at their destination wait for their bags to rumble by on the carousel, feeling dread rising as the carousel empties. They go to the BSO to file a claim and practically trip over their bags waiting patiently for them. This usually happens when passengers arrive at the airport in time to take an earlier flight but do not change their ticket, perhaps to avoid the change fee.

Bag handlers see there is room on the earlier flight for more bags and in their effort to be proactive and avoid unexpected snags; they shove the bag on the earlier flight. Baggage handlers do not advice gate or ticket counter agents when they move bags to earlier flights.

Passengers, who change their minds at the gate and decide to jump on that earlier flight, may be told by the gate agent that it is too late to move the bag. They have no clue the bag is already on the earlier flight. Thus, bags wait under the watchful eye of BSO agents for your arrival. For more knowledge, you can directly call EasyJet contact number.

An overview of Rice: The Flavour of India


In India, rice is the staple food and the chief crop of the country. It is most favourite of all and well teamed up when served with delicious curries and side dishes. It is one of the largest producers of rice, and it captures about world’s 20% of the overseas rice market. Being the leading rice producer, it has largest part of its land under rice cultivation.

How is rice cultivated in India?

Rice in India is cultivated by the following steps

  • At first, the land is well ploughed with the help of cattle or modern day machines. This is necessary as fresh nutrients are brought to the surface and the weeds and other remains of the previously cultivated crops are buried to breakdown.
  • After this, the field is spread with fertilizers, which help the crops to grow. Mostly biological fertilizers are preferably used but chemicals can also be used too, keeping in mind the hazardous side effects.
  • Then next the fields are sown with seeds with hands carefully.
  • Irrigation is done well so that water is sufficiently available for the seeds to grow its seedlings.
  • Then, one has to wait for the grains to turn yellow which indicates its maturity and then they are ready to be reaped.

Soil and climate needed for rice cultivation

Rice being a tropical climate plant needs heavy rainfall and a temperature between 20° to 40°C. The soil should have moisture retaining capacity and a fair amount of clay and organic matter will be good for the growth. In India, it is best grown in the fertile coastal plains.

Types of rice grown in India

  • White rice
  • Brown rice
  • Red rice
  • Sticky rice
  • Parboiled rice
  • Black rice
  • Basmati rice
  • Jasmine rice

But among all the other rice varieties, Basmati rice is said to be the best as it tastes matches no other rice on the earth. The basmati Indian rice moreover has a fabulous fragrance and hence forth it was named so as in Hindi the word “basmati” means full of aroma (bas- aroma, mati-full). Its aroma can be stated as like sun-baked wood and flower, which entices people all over the globe.

Why basmati rice is no ordinary rice?

  • It is a healthy supergrain as it contains eight essential amino acids and is cholesterol free.
  • Low in fat and gluten free.
  • When cooked, it becomes two times more than its size.
  • Soft fluffy texture upon cooking.
  • Long slender grain.
  • Distinctive smell.
  • Get cooked easily.

Varieties of basmati rice

  • Dehraduni basmati
  • Pusa basmati
  • Kasturi
  • Mahi sugandha
  • Ballav basmati
  • Ranbir basmati
  • Basmati 217
  • Basmati 370
  • Basmati 386basmati-indian-rice1

These varieties are pretty fabulous and today exporters are producing thousands of tons of this rice from their factory.

To conclude, it is justified to say that basmati is the king of all rice, and it being indigenous to the subcontinent, buy Indian basmati rice to follow a healthy diet.

5 Services Your Supermarket Should Offer You


With the increasing number of supermarkets in India, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one for your daily needs. Apart from physical brick-and-mortar shops, now there is online supermarket store that is known to offer much better advantages. It is not quite necessary that the store close to your home or the one that is the most popular online might always be the best choice for you. If you are searching for a supermarket, make sure that it offers the following five services.

Search around your locality and you are sure to find multiple supermarkets. Search after a few months and there is a possibility that you’d find more. Supermarkets are growing at a substantial rate throughout India. Apart from the brick-and-mortar supermarket store, even the online supermarkets are plenty now. As compared to the physical stores, online stores are known to offer better advantages. But be it a physical store or an online store, the one closest to your home or the one that is most popular might not always be the best choice.

Let us have a look at five services that a good supermarket should offer-

  1. Same Day Delivery

The supermarket you select should offer same day delivery service, especially if it is an online store. Apart from being convenient, this also suggests that they have a widespread network throughout the city. This is especially important for households where both husband and wife work. With the help of this Supermarket same day delivery service, they can easily place orders on the weekend and the products will be delivered on the same day.

  1. Multiple Time Slots for Delivery

Apart from same day delivery, many of the supermarket shops allow you to select a time slot within which the order will be delivered. This can be very useful for every household as this provides a clear idea about the time at which the order will be delivered, and someone from the family can remain at home during the requested time slot.

  1. 24 x 7 Customer Care

If it is an online supermarket, it is very important that they should offer 24 x 7 customer care service. Be it enquiring about their services, return and refund, or anything about their products, with the help of 24 x 7 customer service, customers can easily get in touch with the supermarket team throughout the day and night.

  1. Free Delivery

It is also very important to ensure that the supermarket online offers free home delivery. Apart from being convenient, one of the main reasons for online shopping is the savings that it offers. But with additional delivery charges, the savings are substantially reduced. Most of the good supermarkets offer free home delivery when you place an order above a particular amount.

  1. Multiple Modes to Place Order

The supermarket should allow you to place orders through several modes. Apart from their website, you should be able to place orders through the phone as well. Moreover, some of the best of stores allow you to place orders through WhatsApp too. This allows you to place orders on-the-go.

If you are searching for a supermarket, make sure that it offers the services mentioned above before you patronize it for your daily needs and grocery shopping.

Points to Consider When Buying Green Tea


Green tea is made from camellia sinensis plant. The dried leaves and leaf buds of camellia sinensis is used to produce various types of teas.

Green tea is prepared by steaming and pan-frying these leaves and then drying them. Green tea provides mental strength and keeps you vigilant always.

A brewed green tea is typically green, yellow or light brown in color, and its flavor profile can range from grass like and pan-fried to vegetal, sweet and steamed. If brewed properly, most green tea should be light in color and only mildly astringent.

Are you looking to buy Green tea??

There a lot of brands in India having Instant Green tea with variety of flavors. Few of the flavors are-

  • Tulsi jasmine Green tea
  • Organic tulsi green tea
  • Lemon green tea
  • Zinger flavor green tea
  • Cinnamon green tea
  • Mint green tea.
  • Lemon grass green tea

There are wide variety of green tea brands available to choose nowadays, however the question is that how to choose the best Green tea-

Green tea contains all the nutrients necessary for the healthy life. Green tea helps to boos metabolic rate and helps in fat burning.

Key points to remember selecting Green tea-

1 .The best Green tea is green in color– Unlike black tea, green tea does not undergo the oxidation process that cause the green tea leaves to turn brown. As this step is carefully skipped in green leaf tea manufacturing, it retains the chlorophyll agent, which makes green tea “Green”

  1. 2. Check the origin of your Green tea– Whether you look at green tea buy online or from grocery shop, you should check the origin of it. Most of the store keeper’s will keep green teas which are cheap or will give good profit margins. Always buy genuine quality Green tea made from organically grown tea leaves only. With e commerce becoming so prevalent nowadays, more and more producers are selling their green tea through online portals to reach their customer base directly.
  2. Buy fresh green tea– Tea leaves tends to lose its flavors and health benefits as time passes by. Green tea should be consumed within 12 months from when it is processed. There is an important point to remember when you do green tea online shopping India (even at a physical store)- always check the Manufacturing dates mentioned on the label of packaged teas.

You can enjoy the aroma of green tea by selecting it online. You can have extensive assortment of green tea flavors to entice your taste buds. Tea is a major beverage worldwide. While you will shop online you will find different flavor and herbal green tea, with additional essences or botanicals that adds taste and have several health benefits attached to it.

You can order tea of your choice, invite a friend have a light conversation over tea which will relax you and will let you enjoy more.

Importance of Ensuring Multi-Channel Customer Service Framework


Customers nowadays expect much more from businesses than what an organization can offer.  Right from highly efficient presales help desk services to streamlined and efficient post sales services, every customer now demands that they are facilitated with effective option to seek relevant business information or appropriate guidelines from trusted business representatives.  Not only this, it has also been observed that plenty of customers now do not make use of telephone only to connect with businesses to seek information or guideline.  These customers make use of internet based communication mediums to conveniently connect with manufacturers or service providers.  Therefore, it becomes a bit challenging for business to business call center firms to stand tall on these expectations, that’s too on every point of contact.

This blog highlights how B2B call centers can tackle this issue by paying attention to ensuring multi-channel customer service framework.

It is not a hidden fact that internet-based communication is the most preferred communication channels, and most millennials and urban crowds make use of emails, online chats, social media, and other internet based communication channels to communicate with friends and relatives.  As these communication channels gained immense popularity worldwide, people started using these mediums to develop communication with businesses as well.  Nowadays, if an organization does not facilitate its customers and target audiences with efficient internet based communication channels, then it is unfortunately spoiling its business prospects.  Therefore, it becomes a must for your business to offer efficient internet-based communication channels for customers so that they can contact you or your representatives as and when they want to.  Therefore, effective B2B call center companies must offer multi-channel solutions.  This way, service providers can help businesses in facilitating their customers with the most convenient and effective way to communicate with business representatives.

There are plenty of call centers that have this notion that telephone would remain the most preferred communication medium to connect with businesses.  Although it is true that most customers yet prefer to use telephone to interact with businesses; however, things are going to change soon.  Considering the popularity that internet-based communication channels have gained in recent years, it can be inferred that these communication channels would soon emerge as the most preferred communication channels worldwide.  By offering multi-channel corporate call center solutions, you are certainly well prepared to meet rising demands of customers in near future.  Importantly, by offering multi-channel customer service framework, you can minimize the burden of call handling teams significantly.  This would not only help you establish personalized and enduring bonds with target audiences or customers, but it would also pave way for increased overall or organizational efficiency.

In short, every B2B call center must offer multi-channel solutions.  This will help them in meeting rising customer expectations in the most cost-effective manner.

Here is What You Must Know Before Your IVF Treatment


Though in vitro fertilization brings hope in a couple’s life, it also comes with a lot of difficulties that needs to be managed with the right kind of precaution. Months prior to the IVF procedure couples have to be cautious about their health, both mental and physical. They also have to know whether they are fit for the treatment at all. Here are all the answers to your questions about IVF treatment:   

Are you the right candidate for IVF?

  • Couples who have been trying to conceive for a long time can get successful with the IVF treatment.
  • IVF treatment is suitable for those women who have not been successful with other fertility treatments, like fertility medications, IUI or other ART procedures.


  • People who have the following types of infertility can opt for IVF:
    • Tubal factor infertility: It is a condition in which the fallopian tubes are missing, blocked, damaged or scarred.
    • Endometriosis:It is a disease in which the tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it causing pelvic pain and
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): It is a set of symptoms which is caused due to increased male hormones (androgens). One of the symptoms is infertility.
    • Male factor infertility: Low sperm count or issue with sperm quality is known as male factor infertility.
  • Donor or Surrogacy: When there is a condition of unhealthy eggs or sperm or the woman is unable to carry a pregnancy then donors or surrogacy is required.
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Screening: It is a procedure that allows the doctors to observe IVF embryos for chromosomal abnormalities. When people want to condition the genetics of the baby, such a process is applied through IVF.
  • Women who want pregnancy on demand: Single women or LGBT couples who may want to have a baby go for IVF

Precautions for IVF

Before the treatment:

  • Request for the most experienced doctor: When you are going for your IVF treatment, opt for only the most experienced doctor. An experienced doctor not only ensures a successful IVF treatment but will be able to guide you throughout the process.
  • Stay away fromhydrosalpinx:Hydrosalpinx is a fluid that is present in one or both the fallopian tubes. It is often associated with a previous sexually transmitted disease (STD) or endometriosis. It not only makes normal pregnancy impossible but also effects the IVF treatment. To prevent hydrosalpinx from effecting your newly transferred embryos, you should go for an ultrasound in advance so that it can be cured.
  • Take folic acid: Folic acid, that is ideally present within a multivitamin, helps reduce the risk of birth defects in couples who are trying naturally or through IVF. So, take one pill each day for three months before your expected embryo transfer. Consult your doctor about how much you are going to take.

After the treatment:

  • Do not lift heavy things.
  • Avoid workouts, exercises and stressful work.
  • Avoid food items that produce heat in our body, like, chocolates, pineapple, watermelon, mango, papaya, potato, pepper and ginger. As the treatment starts with injections that produce heat in the body, it is advised to stop having these food items two months before the IVF treatment.
  • Avoid junk food, smoking and alcohol. Have home cooked food and a lot of raw vegetables.
  • Drink a lot of water and natural fruit juice.
  • Avoid stressful work. Be calm and positive.
  • Do not wear high heels. 

Frequently asked questions about IVF

  • When is the pregnancy test performed?

The blood pregnancy test is performed after 14 days of the egg retrieval.

  • What happens if I become pregnant?

When you get pregnant, you will be asked to go back to the clinic for repeat blood work and an ultrasound so as to ensure a successful pregnancy. After confirming the fetal heartbeat, the couple is suggested an obstetrician.

  • If I am not pregnant, when can we try?

Patients should wait for the completion of one or two menstrual cycles before they try again.

  • Is there a higher miscarriage rate for IVF patients?

Miscarriages in IVF patients do occur but is more prominent in older couples. One out of six couples going through the IVf procedure undergoes miscarriage.

  • How do we decide how many embryos to transfer?

Your doctor will discuss about the number of embryos to be transferred during the procedure.  But usually the number of embryos depends on the age of the woman.

  • Under 34 years old: 1-2 embryos
  • 35-37 years of age: 2-3 embryos
  • 38-40 years of age: 3 embryos

Natural places to explore in the city of Bhopal


The bounteous natural magnificence including the rich and radiant past of the area draw in visitors in awesome numbers. Its rich history can be known by the way that stone depictions found here are about 30000 years of age. The city is a mix of old and present day engineering. The area prominently alluded to as ‘City of Lakes’ is additionally called as the ‘Greenest city of India’. So, if you stay in Gwalior and craving for a vacation at natural places then book your tickets on the Gwalior to Bhopal train and travel to visit these  destinations in Bhopal.

  1. Bhimbetka: Situated 46 km from Bhopal, Bhimbetka,highlights the rich history of the city. Bhimbetka caverns were found inadvertently amid 1957-58 by Dr. Vishnu Wakankar, a paleontologist. It is a genuine fortune as the stone works of art in the caves are more than 15000 years old. They delineate the way of life of the man having a place with the noteworthy age. The works of art on the dividers and the roofs of the holes are excellent bits of fine art. The artworks speak to different periods from Paleolithic to medieval times. Bhimbetka is the ideal destination on the off chance that you want to feel part of the universe of the former period.


  1. National Museum of Mankind: Additionally called as Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, the museum was built up in the year 1985. The 200 acres of land exhibition hall is situated on Shyamala Hills. The all around planned anthropological exhibition hall gives a knowledge into the development of humankind. It is otherwise called the Tribal Habitat Museum. It is extremely intriguing to find out about different tribal societies that are common the nation over. The life-size presentation of their residences shows the extraordinary design highlights having a place with the tribals. The exhibition hall has phenomenal accumulations that speak to tribal society from all parts of the nation.


  1. Upper Lake: Existing here from the eleventh century, Upper lake is viewed as the greatest lake in the state. The boating club here offers you the facilities to voyage on paddling water crafts, paddle pontoons and rate pontoons. Be here at sun set and you will be hypnotized by the dynamic view.

  1. Van Vihar National Park: Home to an extensive variety of feathered creatures and creatures. A portion of the wild creatures found here incorporate  sambar, tiger, lion, panther and chital. The sanctuary is home to more than 200 types of winged animals. With Upper Lake on one side and Shyamala Hills on the other, the timberland is just about an impeccable home to these wild creatures. You can either walk or contract cycles to investigate the recreation center.

  1. Bhojpur Temple: A fragmented sanctuary for known reasons has a place with the eleventh century. Despite the fact that deficient, the sanctuary does not neglect to motivate you with its lovely carvings. The Shiva Linga here is one of the tallest on the planet. Cut out of a solitary shake the gigantic Shiva Linga is amazing with its stature at 18 feet and outline being 7.5 feet. The sanctuary is situated on the banks of Betwa River.Bhopal 2

With so many amazing places to explore in Bhopalget ready to explore the best of the natural places. Just book your Gwalior to Bhopal train to travel and have an awesome time.

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